Fast track your way to feeling good
MyMoodTracker is an iPhone and iPod Touch app for recording your mental state and the factors that influence your mood. Keeping track of how you are feeling is an important step towards improving your mental health and wellbeing. MyMoodTracker provides a quick and easy recording mechanism which is with you wherever you go. If you want to start feeling better every day, MyMoodTracker can help get you there.
Available for iPhone & iPod Touch, and iPad.
Quickly record how you are feeling at any time of the day, as many times as you want. There are a range of emotions to choose from, which can be further customised to match your current mood. The background of the app changes to match your feelings, helping you feel happier when you are so, and hopefully less angry when things go wrong!

You can keep track of many things that may influence your mood. Here, sleeping times and how well you slept are being recorded. Other things you can currently track are Medication, Exercise, Stress levels, and Menstrual Cycles. Future versions will also add Stimulants, Eating, Hunger, Weight, Pain and Energy, as well as other things our users ask for.

Medications are made easy to recognise by entering a name, and selecting an image. Recording your intake is as simple as selecting a medication from your list. The dose will be remembered from the last entry, but it can be altered if need be.

Every entry type allows you to record notes. Here, some notes are being added to an Exercise entry. Notes can be collated and viewed in a diary type format at any time.

See all of your entries in one place, to get a clearer picture of how you are feeling, and what caused those feelings. The chart can be customized to display entries at an hourly level, all the way up to a yearly level. Individual items can also be turned on and off as required, so that you can narrow in whatever you need.

For more detail than the chart, view all of your entries in chronological order. Data can also be exported in a similar format to a spreadsheet, which can be viewed in any regular spreadsheet software (eg. Excel or Numbers).

Improve your logging consistency by creating Reminders (or use them to remember your medication). Securely and privately backup your data with Cloud Sync. Keep your thoughts and feelings private by creating a PIN to prevent unauthorised access.